Nature’s Secrets

Nature’s Secrets is Sri Lanka’s No. 1 herbal cosmetics brand, trusted by generations for guaranteed safety, premium quality, and fresh, natural goodness.

Its entry into the market over 20 years ago revolutionized the Sri Lankan beauty care industry with its many nature-inspired beauty products and the creation and development of the facial wash market, of which it is still the market leader. The brand also introduced and embraced environmental sustainability in the beauty care sector at a time when not many companies were yet concerned about its proactive protection.

The brand continues to be at the forefront of the natural skin care market, carrying out advanced scientific research into effective natural formulations to further increase their natural potency. The sub-brand ‘Nature’s Secrets Natural Cosmetics’ is currently the first and only Sri Lankan cosmetics brand to receive the prestigious NATRUE natural and organic certification from the International Natural & Organic Cosmetics Association based in Europe.


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