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Sunday, May 13, 2018

The human body is a complicated ‘machine’. Even a machine has to be maintained to ensure longer existence. Being healthy is the ultimate gift one can enjoy throughout life. There are many tricks and tips to keep your body healthy, says Ayurvedic Doctor D.D.A Hettiarachchi of Ganemulla.

Common illnesses   
Cough, colds, fever, headaches, and day-to-day physical pains are common ailments we have to battle against. Boil 20 grams of dried ginger and 40 grams of coriander together in a bowl after adding eight cups of water. Boil until the water reduces to one cup. Drink half a cup of this miraculous mixture adding some sugar or a few drops of honey. Serious illnesses and many day-to-day pains can be healed completely by having this herbal drink. This simple medicine is powerful enough to control high fever without any side effects. This medicine is better than common painkillers. Have this medicinal drink regularly. Make it a habit to drink this even when one is in good health. This herbal drink strengthens the immune system as well as offers protection to guard against diseases.   This thick substance secreted by the Mucous Membrane of the respiratory passages is inviting diseases. It is always good to keep an eye on the level of phlegm in your body and keep it under control. Do not take medicine just to dry it up. Phlegm needs to be removed from your body from time to time. When you get a cold, let the phlegm leave your system. Most people don’t know that phlegm is the root cause of many diseases.   

Digestion and sleep 
 Don’t sleep after meals. Let your body perform its duty of digestion once you have a meal. Sit for around 20 minutes after a main meal and have a walk later. Make sure to have dinner at least two hours before bedtime. Under no circumstance should you sleep on your right. Sleep on your left side.   

Healthy Skin 
Apply a fine powder made of Sandalwood and Kokumagara and wait for some time before bathing. You can make this fine powder by rubbing a piece of sandalwood and Kokumagara on a stone. Add a few drops of water when making this mixture. A bathing stone or one that’s found in streams can be used for this purpose. This natural treatment protects the skin and seals natural oils in it in addition to controlling the process of sweating. This mixture is very effective in controlling the process of sweating. This method used by many generations to keep the skin healthy and glowing is better compared to the use of unknown chemicals applied at salons.   

Drink some clean water as the first thing you do upon waking up. Drink as much as possible. This will cleanse your interior – the hormones, chemicals, and toxins that have built up in your body during the night. Water helps to flush them away. 

Do not eat so that the food overloads your stomach. Balance the amount of food you take with the volume of water you usually have after a meal. Always keep room for food and water to be mixed in your stomach. Remember that your stomach expands after a meal.   

Avoid junk. Never take much oily, deep-fried, highly salted, and greasy food or artificial drinks. Always have ‘natural’ food. Eat leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables, but remember to avoid highly toxic apples, oranges, and grapes which are injected with chemicals for a longer shelf-life.   

Drink warm water if you are developing symptoms of a cold. Having warm water aids blood circulation and gives your body the strength to fight against invading germs. Have lukewarm water after a meal because it eases digestion. Do not drink cold water as it shrinks your stomach making digestion difficult.   

                                                                                                     Never throw away coconut water. Drink it instead. 

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